October 14, 2019

Archives for January 2006

Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics For the Local Church

In April of last year, a well known Reformed Baptist-apologist-debater-cruise promoter announced to the world that I was “emergent.” The word was often repeated about me and the Boar’s Head Tavern fellows in general. Rumors must spread fast, because a few weeks ago an emailer in New Zealand quite familiar with the emergent church movement […]

The Gospel for Appalachia III: Four Christian Responses

People with answers for Appalachia arouse considerable suspicion from those who know the region well. A multi-millionaire standing at a microphone, explaining how his money and ideas will turn the tide, may get his picture in the paper, but I assure you the applause is less than adoring. Experience has taught Appalachians and those who […]

The Gospel For Appalachia II: Can The Culture Change?

I want to talk about the Gospel, but first I’m going to tell some stories. Why I am telling these stories should become plain as we go along, but for those of you who might need a clue at the beginning, these stories are about the difficulty of change here in the mountains of southeastern […]

The Gospel for Appalachia I

I have 2 or 3 posts about The Gospel for Appalachia that I want to share. This first one introduces the unique aspects of this region and the reasons I am here. The past few days, most of America has been watching–or at least aware of–the tragedy of the 12 perished coal miners in the […]