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What’s Wrong With The Sermon? IV: “It isn’t practical.”

The Gospel leads us to practical discipleship, but it doesn’t create a religion of simplistic success principles. Good preaching leads to practical application without obscuring the Gospel itself. To gain some idea of the state of contemporary preaching, survey what is being preached at any ten successful megachurches in your state, or any ten churches […]

Southern Baptists and Charismatics: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Are current fears of Pentecostal/charismatic Christianity among Southern Baptists reasonable or ridiculous? I first bumped into the charismatic renewal movement in the early 1970’s. Episcopalian friends were going to a charismatic prayer meeting at a Catholic church. Curious, I began attending, observing, and eventually participating, right down to–briefly and insincerely–speaking in tongues. Riding home after […]

Review: Promises Kept by Mark Dever

Mark Dever is pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., a member of the Founder’s Ministries inner circle, an accomplished Puritan scholar, director and resident scholar at 9 Marks Ministries, seminary professor, author and one of my very favorite preachers to listen to anytime. Dever’s new book The Message of the New Testament: […]


The Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s new guidelines for missionary appointment set the standard for meddling innovation. Best way to get up to speed on this story is to read this piece from the Oklahoma Baptist Paper: We’re At The Crossroads. (This post is going to discuss the current controversy regarding the IMB’s new guidelines […]

What’s Wrong With The Sermon? III: “I don’t understand it.”

The third in a series of posts examining the basics of good contemporary preaching. This post is not about people whose communication skills are too poor to get the job done. If you are ignorant, or mumble or can’t get a talk organized in any sort of comprehensible way, the road for you is clear […]

More Thoughts On The Emerging Church

When did “emerging” get to mean something that was so clearly, definitely bad? When did we all agree that “emerging” means wrong about everything? I thought “emerging” was an approach, a “style,” not a theological confession. According to recent posts at various self-proclaimed theological watchblogs, “emerging” equals heresy, open theology, charismatic error, liberalism, denial of […]

What’s Wrong With The Sermon? II: It’s Boring

In an entertainment addicted, spiritually depraved culture, the Christian message will never escape the charge of being boring, so preachers should tell God’s story clearly, creatively and persuasively, but without trading the Gospel for the applause of an audience. Today’s criticism:2. The sermon is boring. What did we do before the word boring was invented? […]

It Ought To Be A Parable. It’s That Good.

UPDATE: Here’s My Review of End of the Spear” Chad Allen is a homosexual activist, and an actor playing a martyred missionary and his son. Some people can’t stand it. Sounds like the outrage of the Gospel to me. Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. The latter do […]

What’s Wrong With The Sermon?: It’s Too Long

A new Internet Monk series examining the basics of good preaching by listening to common criticisms. I’ve been preaching for…well…longer than a lot of you have been on earth. Thirty-four years ago next month I preached my first sermon, and I’ve been at it ever since. I currently preach sixteen times a month, and I […]

McCoy’s Open Letter To Seminarians

Readers of the Boar’s Head Tavern or SBC blogs are aware that the SBC’s International Mission Board has recently decided to draw several inexplicable, extrabiblical, lines in the sand: -Banning anyone who ever spoke in tongues from serving as a missionary. -Making baptism in an SBC church the only recognizable form of baptism for missionary […]