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When Loving You Is Killing Me: Thoughts On Pastoring The Small Church

David Hansen writes a wonderful, poignant, real-world account of how four high school boys wearing baseball caps to worship became an issue that, as he puts it, “decapitated Mount Saint Helen’s,” and put his church and ministry through a season of pain, learning, and eventually, growth. Almost every young preacher I know wants to start […]

Who Let The Theologians In Here? (The SBC, that is.)

UPDATE: I have revised and updated several parts of this essay, to make a few things more clear….and probably less palatable. Russell Moore, Southern Baptist scholar and writer at Touchstone’s Mere Comments blog, dashed off this line a few days ago: The stakes have been raised in the last twenty-four hours as the SBC’s most […]

God Of The Hubble Universe

One of my life-long loves is astronomy. I’ve owned some very nice telescopes, and I’ve spent many a clear, cold winter night out on someone’s farm, looking at the glories of the heavens. Since I was a child of the golden age of the space program, my interest in astronomy and NASA made me a […]

Postmodernism or Modernism on fumes?: From assertion to conversation in the cause of Jesus

Over the past few weeks, I have passed on blogging responses to dozens and dozens of posts around the net, because I didn’t want [name deleted] up on it again, and I didn’t want to put up with the weirdness that has become the reaction to the BHT in certain insulated circles. But there is […]

A Few Thoughts On Postmodernism

1) I’ve read two introductions to Postmodernism, and both have convinced me that the term has at least four distinct applications that are quite varied. 2) Postmodernism is not a coherent “school” of philosophy, but a description of methods, authors, points of view, types of analysis, questions, reactions….iows a whole potpourri of items gathered around […]

On Faith’s Crumbling Edge: Restoring The Uprooted Assurance Of The Ordinary Christian

Update 6/10/05: Those reading this essay and disagreeing with me might want to check out two other iMonk pieces: When I am Weak and Our Problem With Grace. Both cover my views on sin in the life of the Christian and the Grace that brings assurance in Jesus. I’ve been thinking about the subject of […]

“Is Jesus Truly The Point?”

Steve, a reader of the previous essay on this site, writes in the comment threads: This is something I’ve thought alot about, and haven’t come to a conclusion. Maybe you guys have some thoughts. -Is Jesus truly the point? Without wanting to blaspheme, I sometimes wonder if by sticking on Jesus we miss other attributes […]

The Preeminent Question

Update: Those of you who like this post would probably enjoy reading four previous IM essays, all hopefully helpful on this topic. A Conversation In God’s Kitchen: Thoughts About The Bible On Christless Preaching A Simple Statement on the Inspiration of the Bible Magic Books, Grocery Lists and Silent Messiahs While discussing the doctrine of […]