June 18, 2019

Archives for March 2005

Priceless BHT Comment

BHT Fellow Judson posted: “I just received a recorded phone call from my pastor inviting me to attend Easter Sunday.” Lurker Eric replied with this gem: “Press 1 if you will be attending the Traditional Easter Sunrise Service to be held in the (insert local Jr. College stadium here).” “Press 2 if you will be […]

Read it again…and don’t skip the hard parts

Let’s be honest. A lot of Christians have no idea what to do with the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry. What does it mean? What does it have to do with evangelism, church growth and “having a great life now?”

Looney Tunes: The Whacked Out, Whipped Up, Wholly Scary Theology of the Praise and Worship Movement

In our journey back through the IM archives, we must deal with the Monk’s contradictory attitude towards contemporary Praise and Worship music. Does he hate it? If so, why does he have a warehouse of the stuff at the house? Why is he listening to it, even as he types? The answer, my faithful readers, […]

The iMonk Weekend File: 3:12:05

A story on franchised churches, a personal question that is really troubling me, and a few thoughts on “What is Faith?”

SBC Conservatism Vs Emergent Pragmatism: Round One

How dangerous is this man? Apparently he’s dangerous enough that Kentucky Baptists don’t want to take the chance of hearing what he has to say about evangelism and church growth. He doesn’t have anything to say on homosexuality that wouldn’t hurt someone (his words) and he’s not sure that those of other religions who become […]

Startle Us, O Lord: Jesus Talks To A Gay Man

Every so often the internet will provide you with something that you will never hear anywhere else. I’ve found it this morning, and I hope you will read and share it. It’s entitled “Jesus Talks To A Gay Man,” and it is from a remarkable post by Steve at Ragamuffin Ramblings. It is a retelling […]

Eugene Peterson: A Voice That Must Be Heard

I am always aware that those who read the Internet Monk may not realize that when you hear my voice, you are really hearing the voice of those who have influenced me. There is no one who has influenced me more than Eugene Peterson. There is a lot I could say about all of Peterson’s […]

Have We Said Too Much? (About Marriage, that is)

Recently, my daughter returned from a conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. She had a fabulous time, but she mentioned something unusual. She said that every public prayer contained a request for God to guide the conference participants in finding a spouse. This wasn’t the theme of the conference, but the conference was […]