October 24, 2020

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The IMonk’s Top Ten Blogs of 2005

It’s a Major Award. No, actually, without handing out awards, I want to list the IMonk’s Top Ten Blogs for 2005. These are blogs that I value and appreciate, and that I believe do what they do exceptionally well.

Theology In Fazoli’s

Theology In Fazoli’s: Second Rate Italian Food With Pictures of American Christianity 7:22 p.m. Wednesday, December 28. Quite possibly the longest day of my life. I am sitting in Fazoli’s (Italian Food…Fast) in Lexington, Kentucky. I’ve just delivered a U-Haul full of furniture to my daughter’s storage facility, and now my wife, my mom, myself […]

Our First Christmas With Grandma

The writer in the family is my wife, Denise. She’s a professional editor, heads our school publications operation and writes a bookful of creative ministry material every year. I can’t get her to blog, but if I could, this is the kind of gold you’d be reading. You can write denise at denisespencer@mail.com Our First […]

Christmas 2005

The year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Five, will forever be known as the year where the same churches who boycotted stores for cancelling Christmas decided it was in the best interests of everyone to cancel Christmas services, being as the day had the bad form to occur on a Sunday, and we could […]

Thoughts on Ephesians 4:29, 5:4

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” (Eph. 4:29, ESV) “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be […]

Prissy Protestants: Why We Need More Men Like Peggy Noonan

The topic of the week here at InternetMonk (and the tavern across the road) is bad language. It’s a strange theme for the fourth week in Advent, I admit, but it’s what’s got my brain in gear. Even stranger is the fact that I am going to prominently use the word “prissy” in this post, […]

Judging Scripture

A Survey of The Surprising Language of the Bible, by Philip Winn BHT fellow Philip Winn has written a survey of crude language in scripture. It’s a helpful orientation to some little known statements in the Bible, and the language Christians believe- in one way or another- is divinely inspired. It’s an eye opening tour, […]

The Tyranny of the Offended

How do we honor Paul’s pastoral advice, but not let the most easily offended among us become tyrants in the body of Christ? 1 Corinthians 8. Romans 14. These chapters have been my nightly reading many times after a controversy with my opponents on the reformed watchblogs. How do we treat those with whom we […]

The Humility Zone

Why our conflicts over the Bible and Theology may sometimes have nothing whatsoever to do with being right. Every so often, I will have a bit of an Epiphany. I wish I had written them all down, because sometimes the clarity of the moment balances weeks, months, years of confusion and I feel like I’ve […]

The Conversion Of The Evangelical Imagination

Father Andrew Greeley may be writing with a wink when he wonders if evangelicals have considered the possible irony of their current interest in movies, but the point is still well made. Secondly, it seems to me that the evangelicals slip dangerously close to Catholic idolatry when they embrace a wondrous allegory as a summary […]