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Archives for February 2004

Stephen Prothero on “The Passion”

Stephen Prothero on “The Passion” in Opinion Journal: Mr. Gibson’s idiosyncratic take on this medieval “Man of Sorrows” is plainly a product of American culture. It draws on the Bible, medieval passion plays and Roman Catholic Mariology, to be sure, but also on the macho brutality of the action-adventure movie (blood, gore, repeat) and the […]

Richard is a Canadian Baptist

Richard is a Canadian Baptist pastor. I thought his thoughts were worth posting and sharing. Why I (probably) Won’t Go See The Passion- by Richard Campeau The controversial film The Passion of the Christ, directed by superstar Mel Gibson, will be released in theaters on Ash Wednesday. So much has been said and written already […]

My Questions About “The Passion.”

My Questions About “The Passion.” I want to be really clear that I have not seen this movie. I will say I’ve devoted more than a year to learning about it, having written one of the first blog pieces on the film almost two years ago. I will be going to see the movie, and […]

My Review of The Gospel

My Review of The Gospel of John: The Movie Denise and I just finished watching the new “Gospel of John” movie. I’d like to say a few things about it. I have two other films that follow the Biblical text as the script. “Acts” is an unmitigated disaster. “Matthew” is ambitious, but odd and unsuccessful. […]

The Music Debate at our

The Music Debate at our House: Does it have an influence on what people do? We have this continuous simmering disagreement in my household over music. I love music, and enjoy all different kinds. My kids are a lot like me, though they like Christian music a lot less (and I don’t like it much) […]

Advice to My Daughter: GOP

Advice to My Daughter: GOP or Libertarian? My daughter struggling with whether she is a Republican or a Libertarian. Here’s her post. Here’s my answer. Dear Noel, First of all, remember that your political principles are your own. I can influence you, but it is your vote. You are a citizen. It is your privilege […]

No Room for a Pastor

No Room for a Pastor in a School Lunchroom Saw this story about a church I’m very familiar with in the town where I pastored for four years. Seems the local school board has banned ministers from eating lunch with students in the school cafeteria, and the protests are on. Rutherford Institute is on the […]

What’s pathetic about this interview

What’s pathetic about this interview with Mel Gibson aren’t his answers- which are simple, not particularly eloquent, and nothing we haven’t heard before- but the brutally stupid questions Dianne Sawyer was asking. I almost typed “Have they no shame?” but that is a laugh line. Al Mohler nailed all this in his killer review of […]

The Second Commandment, The Passion,

The Second Commandment, The Passion, and Evangelical Endorsements “I Think I Need A Stiff Drink” links to this PCA Pastor’s vigorous defense of a strict view of the second commandment. If you want to read a detailed legalistic defense of no images of Jesus in art of any kind, this is your ticket. Part of […]

Is the gore necessary? Martin

Is the gore necessary? Martin Marty- one liberal who has my utmost respect- comments on violence in The Passion, and I must say that I agree with every word. Really, this is perfect. The previewers who like violence if it shows Jesus suffering, on the grounds that savagery moves people to appreciate his sacrifice, are […]