September 25, 2020

Jesus Calls Us to Store Our Treasure in Heaven

Consider the Lilies of the Field (curtain), Wheeler

By Chaplain Mike
Today’s Gospel: Matthew 6:24-34

a sonnet

and should my treasure ever cease to be
the one to whom I owe my very breath
no lasting comfort would my heart then see
no peace for me in life, nor gain in death
contented now to trust, to work, to pray
and know that every step is underborne
by one who knows my needs and guides my way
and grants new strength with ev’ry waking morn
too often still i doubt and fear and fret
eyes blind to the abundance that pervades
each bird and flow’r rebukes how i forget
and stubborn self-sufficiency persuades
yet you remain, rich promises to speak
and call me to rise free, your reign to seek


  1. breathtaking. Thank you.

  2. Steve Newell says

    Boy, this is hard, if not impossible. How do we do this? Without Christ and the Holy Spirit, I am doomed.

    On my own, I cannot seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness. I feel like Peter who is walking on the water where I make a great commitment to follow Christ then the worries of this this world along with my sinful nature causes me to sink into the waters of this world. Like Peter, I can only live when Christ pulls me out of the water and sets me on the safe place.

  3. So like God: He took the heart of my morning prayer and, by your hand, put it to beautiful verse. Thank you.

  4. “How do we do this? Without Christ and the Holy Spirit, I am doomed”

    You said it!

  5. Denise Spencer says

    I love your poetry, Mike. Thank you so much for this.

  6. Beautiful verse. Touching.