January 16, 2021

Annual Review – 2014

Sailboat Splash

Monhegan Island, Maine


Most Discussed Posts in 2014

January 9 — Chaplain Mike, “A Defense of Megachurches” (221 comments)

January 24 — Mike Bell, “When Science Changes” (234 comments)

March 18 — Chaplain Mike, “Goodbye, Angry Young Prophet?” (295 comments)

March 27-28 — Chaplain Mike, “The Real Issue (that no one wants to talk about)” (282 comments), and Mike Bell, “Ashamed!” (291 comments)

April 4 — Mike Bell, “What Hill Are You Willing to Die On?” (238 comments)

July 9 — Marci Alborghetti, “Sanctity of Life and the Death Penalty” (248 comments)

August 1 — Mike Bell, “Things I ‘Learned’ from Rapture Theology” (200 comments)

September 19 — Mike Bell, “How I Became . . . A Theistic Evolutionist” (249 comments)

September 24 — Chaplain Mike, “The Conservative Evangelical View of Inerrancy” (200 comments)

October 3 — Mike Bell, “How I Became . . . An Arminian” (213 comments)

October 9 — Chaplain Mike, “The Balance Has Tipped” (220 comments)

November 4 — Chaplain Mike (with guest), “Guest Raises Questions about Premarital Sex” (336 comments)

November 25 — Chaplain Mike, “Biblical Marriage: BEYOND Traditional” (225 comments)

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Some of My Favorite Personal Posts in 2014

“A Long Way from the Lake” (January 26). I find myself a long way from the place where I first heard Jesus call, “Follow Me!” Sometimes I wonder where that young, energetic disciple disappeared and what it means to still hear Jesus calling today.

“Outside the Camp” (March 2). Eventually, in late 2014, I came to accept my theological and ecclesiastical status as a “spiritual mongrel.” This was the first of several posts that expressed my sense that I don’t seem to fit in comfortably anywhere.

“Our Life and Witness: Local, Quiet, Pastoral” (March 30). This has been a fairly consistent theme in my pastoral writings. Being a faithful Christian is not about taking the “right” stands on the “big issues” of the day, it’s about loving the neighbor right in front of my face.

“You Are Free to Love” (Good Works Week VI, May 23). We had a whole week on the subject of good works. Yes, there is a way to talk about them, encourage them, and insist upon their necessity without lapsing into works-righteousness. And that’s what we tried to do.

“The Great Methodological Heresy” (July 2). Simply put, Christians don’t win by winning. No matter what the culture warriors try to tell you. The cross teaches us otherwise.

“My Outlook, My Faith, and My Hope” (September 17). My concise personal creed.

“Under Roiling Skies” (October 22). A day in my life, under apocalyptic heavens.

“As It Was in the Beginning” (Fall, or Folly? #4, November 13). This post concluded a controversial series, in which I suggest that the traditional language of “the Fall” does not accurately describe what is happening in the early chapters of Genesis. It’s a wisdom story, folks.

“Fundamental mistakes in reading Genesis 1-2” (December 3). I hope this piece will provide a bit of exegetical clarity to texts we too easily assume we know.

“A shepherd’s ambiguous apologetic” (December 11). There is no defending God. He’s real and I know it. That’s about the best I can do.